VTS Examination 2016 - Introduction

It is really worth mention that within a short span of time, the MTSE has gained wider acceptance as one of the prestigious scholarship examinations in Kerala and about 26,000 students across the state are writing the examination. From this year onwards the MTS Examination will be known as the Vidya Talent Search Examination (VTSE). The VTS examination has all ingredients necessary to identify the talents, kindle their intellectual fire, fine tune and nurture them, build up the right aptitude in students, equip them to develop confidence in their abilities and come out successfully in tough competitive examinations.

Preliminary Examination

The Schools shall conduct the Preliminary Examination for classes I to XII on October 17, 2016, from which the top 10% shall qualify for the Final Examination.

Final Examination

The Vidya Council for Education shall conduct the Final Examination for the top ten percent candidates in the Preliminary Examination only on November 05, 2016

Verbal Examination

The Vidya Council for Education shall conduct the Verbal Examination for the Ten Toppers in the Final Examination of classes IX-XII on November 21, 2016.


The schools should enrol all students in the VTS Examination before July 20, 2016.

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